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"You have two options. Follow CIA orders and kill targeted people as an undercover CIA agent. Or follow your love and betray the CIA. Which will you choose?"

Synopsis, Maybe


Kill Your Boss is an original maybe series. The book has you play as Alex Miller, a CIA agent working undercover at a violent organization. After signing up to become a CIA agent to protect his sickly, younger sister, Hailey, he finds that he's gained more than he's bargained for when he catches the eye of three prime players in this twisted game. Torn between the bonds he's formed in the violent organization and the CIA, Alex realizes he must quickly decide where his loyalties lie. Will he be able to come out of this situation unscathed?

Total Amount of Diamonds: 💎1370

Kill Your Boss is the first and only book of the Kill Your Boss series.


Main Character (MC):

Alex Miller

Love Interests (LIs):

Logan Harris

Riam Zimmer

Noah Young

Side Characters:

Aria White

Hailey Miller



Grayson Lee


Episode 1: Footless Bird

Episode 2: The Eye of a Hurricane

Episode 3: Promotion

Episode 4: Kill Your Boss

Episode 5: You and I

Episode 6: Helter Skelter

Episode 7: Turning Point

Episode 8: Prison Break

Episode 9: Owning A King

Episode 10: Trap

Episode 11: Savior

Episode 12: Under The Skin

Episode 13: Surprise Party

Episode 14: Truth or Dare

Episode 15: A Battle For You

Episode 16: No Regrets

Episode 17: Forest on Fire

Episode 18: Order in the Chaos

Episode 19: Kill Me or Love Me

Episode 20: If I Had to Choose

Secret Story

First Blood (💎 46)

One must get hurt to protect another. In this world of survival of the fittest, what will you choose?

Sleeping With the Enemy (💎 46)

Logan appears before the perfectionist Riam all messed up. Curious how Riam reacted? Unlock to read!

Skin [previously "Sense of Touch"] (💎 46)

Go back to that day where the infamous cocky Noah fell for you. Interested? Unlock to play!

Mother Goose (💎 38)

What were Logan's nights like before he met you? This is Logan's history, starting from the day you first met.



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